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Pulse Selections | Global Wine Export Solutions

What We Do...

With the modernization of the wine sector in Spain, Spanish wine is increasingly valued internationally, a fact that has caused wineries to set their sights on other markets.  At Pulse Selections, we are aware of the titanic effort that wineries are making to reach these markets where there is an obvious opportunity, in many cases with little result.

What We Do | Pulse Selections | Global Wine Export Solutions

This is mainly due to the fact that some wineries usually cannot afford to create an export department with highly experienced professionals due to the high cost of the investment and the risks involved.  At Pulse Selections we want to change this concept; we take care of the whole process in order to obtain a stable international client portfolio.  We will integrate as part of your company, being your high-performance international export sales team and finding the markets where you will be able to develop commercially with success.

With more than 20 years of experience, we analyze your products, create a sales & marketing strategy, and develop an international strategic sales plan.

In addition, we will guide you to obtain the OCM program incentives, so you can obtain the necessary investment to finance the cost of creating new markets outside Spain.

Pulse Selections | Global Wine Export Solutions

Our Objective

Partner with family owned & operated wineries, unique producers, wines of authenticity and great quality wines, products of value to offer a well-balanced portfolio to customers with excellent service.

To represent our winery partners as an extension of their family/company.

Create a distribution system and strong foundation for all products we sell and represent.

Maintain, strengthen and grow relationships with Importers, Distributors, Retailers, On trade and other channels for market growth.

Set strategic Go-To-Market strategies to attain and achieve success for all.

Create and execute a long-lasting go-to-market strategy to increase channel distribution and overall sales & profit.

We provide the 4 “P’s” for success in the market; Product, Pricing, Promotion and Patience!

Pulse Selections | Global Wine Export Solutions


Creation of an Action Plan developed in detail. Valid for submission to OCM. Meeting and visiting the winery with wine tasting and interview with the winery team about the history and expectations. Obtaining all the necessary data to develop the report. (Sales, objectives, YTD, and history). Creating objectives and execution plan to ensure success in all parts of our International Sales Plan (ISP).

Creation of an International Sales Plan (ISP) and its execution is the key to success. During the initial phase, a database of potential clients is developed with which the pre-sales phase will be carried out. This consists of a follow-up on the potential clients to make your product known and to generate the basis for solid future relationships that will allow us to access our target markets. Once we have detected the potential customers with a higher success rate, we will design a personalized strategy for each of these opportunities.

Next is one of the most important steps. We will manage all aspects of the commercial process; sales, management, follow-up, etc. Contact the potential, and in some cases, existing customers, schedule meetings, and negotiate sales, obtaining the most beneficial terms of the agreement.

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